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Advanced Plant Engineering

Industrial Solutions through Smart Innovation

Giannini Consulting boasts over 30 years of experience in advanced technology plant engineering. Its approach to the market is unique and innovative. Our key strength is listening and and understanding our clients needs. Our business model guarantees the realization of the entire production process, from design, development to maintenance of works and plants



Product Evaluation

⦁ If they are aligned with market needs and propose any solutions related to aesthetic and technical design
⦁ Optimisation of the beneficial costs related to the more technical aspects, related to the logistical aspects for example
⦁ Quality evaluation of products to improve (reduce) returns from the market
⦁ Compliance of products with the various directives, safety, efficiency, environmental… and customer support with certification bodies
⦁ Development of new products, from functional aesthetic design, to technical design, to insertion in the product cycle, and / or industrial production plants

Industrial Process

⦁ Supply chain assessment
⦁ Evaluation Of the technical and organizational process, to improve the organization and communication between the different bodies / subjects of the company
⦁ Quality system evaluation, to improve the aspects related to the reduction of waste / rework, and the general quality of the product, with development / improvement of specifications, procedures, inspections ….
⦁ Personal training
⦁ Optimization of related industrial costs:
⦁ Reduce the cost of raw materials
⦁ Reduce rework/scrap
⦁ Reduce the number of operations
⦁ Improve industrial logistics aspects

Temporarily Management

Temporarily follow factories onsite to define technical solutions for limited periods.

Industrial products

Relative project management, with layout /product flows, identification and proposal of industrial/technological trainers:
⦁ Evaluation of industrial plants
⦁ Modifications of existing plants
⦁ Implementation new industrial plants


Our clients

With an exceptional network team of designers, engineers and technicians allows us to be articulate and flexible to meet the ever changing demands in a fast pace evolving world of manufacture. We can custom tailor the requirements and needs of our clients by offering a number of services.


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